Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, IT help is very subjective, due to billion of devices and million of software's around, there is no set way to determine which issue you are facing. That is the reason we have dedicated agent waiting to receive your call. Don't hesitate just call us toll free and an agent will diagnose your problem and will let you know if your computer can be fixed remotely or not.

We have dedicated 80 agents, they are working round the clock for support. These 80 agents are divided into two tiers as per the issue complexity. We make sure that no issues are left un-resolved and our customers are always happy and satisfied.

We are always there on however in case of national holidays you can always leave voice mail (option 8) or send us an email at . We will contact you as soon as possible.

Yes, all our purchase are 100% refundable but wait there are always some free riders, that is the reason we record each and every conversation and these recordings are always used in case any disputes are received with our processing company. Refer to our latest policies.